Tiara Round

The setting design of the “Tiara” earrings was inspired by a crown for that elegant, princess feel. This is one of DER MOND’s signature styles that has received continuous popularity.

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฿ 52,000.00

Diamond Shape: Round
Type of Gold:

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Criteria of Excellence in a Diamond


Criteria of Excellence in a Diamond

Every diamond with a sizing ranging from 0.30ct or more will have a certification from GIA/HRD. Furthermore, to ensure the utmost quality is given to our clients, we have established our very own DER MOND LAB. With a state-of-the-art facility, we can go above and beyond the typical standard for diamond grading. Select the finest of diamonds, even the smallest of carat weights, to ensure that your DER MOND’s diamond will shine with optimal brilliance and everlasting beauty.


A diamond’s cut is of utmost importance as it directly affects light dispersion and therefore, the brilliance of the stone. A precisely cut diamond with symmetrical facets will collect and mirror light vividly, reflecting it straight up through the table with a spectacular, scintillating sparkle. That is why DER MOND only selects stones that are graded TRIPLE EXCELLENT (the highest globally recognized grade).


Apart from selecting only TRIPLE EXCELLENT certified diamonds, we also examine each stone and reject those with undesirable attributes such as improper girdle thickness, diameter roundness, extraneous facets, etc.


* Diamonds of VS1 clarity in D or E color may be used in some instances depending on suitability.

A diamond’s clarity must not be overlooked as it will determine a stone’s radiance and shine. DER MOND selects only the highest clarity grades of FL (flawless) – VVS2 (very, very slight inclusions) for our precious jewelry pieces.


DER MOND rejects diamonds with any visible flaws or inclusions, especially on the table, as it can drastically affect the beauty of the stone.BLACK INCLUSIONS, MILKY CLOUDS, CHIPS, INDENTED NATURALS and most importantly, hidden KNOTS, TWINNING, WISPS and CAVITIES are never tolerated in our diamonds. That is why we consider our diamonds to be among the very best in the world.


Naturally, a diamond can come in a range of different colors but a pure, white diamond is the most prized of all. White diamonds are graded according to the alphabet starting from a D COLOR grade (100% colorless) all the way to Z COLOR (heavily tinted). DER MOND chooses only colorless and near colorless grades from D-J.


Natural diamonds may contain other colors apart from yellow tints that may not appear on a standard certification. To uphold our high criteria for the purest stones, DER MOND will independently examine all stones against an authenticated MASTER COLOR STONE and reject any that contain tints of green, brown or grey.


Another natural phenomenon that can dull the brilliance of a diamond, and one thatDER MOND will instantly identify and reject, is FLUORESCENCE.This produces a stone with a lackluster, milky appearance that is not up to our exacting standards, that is why DER MOND selects only NON-FLUORESCENT diamonds. Regardless of previously certified evaluations, if DER MOND LAB finds signs of fluorescence, we will immediately reject that diamond.


The weight of all diamonds is measured in CARATS and the heavier a diamond, the higher the price. Diamonds cut to retain weight often lose their radiance soDER MOND only chooses diamonds that are cut for brilliance, not carat weight.


DER MOND only accepts perfectly proportioned diamonds and every milligram adds to the beauty of the stone, especially when it comes to exact girdle size. The girdle is the widest part of the diamond and if it is cut too thick, it will add worthless carat weight and impair the brightness of the stone, resulting in an overweight stone that looks smaller. We also inspect the pavilion to make sure it is precisely the correct depth, so you can be confident that your diamond has value in every single milligram.


DER MOND LAB utilizes the latest diamond testing technology such as CVD Tests and other Lab Grown Tests to seek out the highest quality natural diamonds not often found in the general market. DER MOND only sources diamonds from Sight holders, as they can be traced and authenticity is guaranteed. All our diamonds pass through a rigorous sorting process, even ones weighing 0.005 carats. DER MOND promises to continuously seek new knowledge and further refine our inspection process so that every piece of precious jewelry we create is always of the highest caliber and value.

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  • Setting Price: ฿ 22,000.00
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Pricing Policy


Pricing Policy

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