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Description & Details

  • Total Diamond Weight : 0.26 ct.
  • Center Pear Shaped Diamond : 0.20 ct.

฿ 48,000.00

*This price includes 17-inch white gold necklace and silicone sliding.

Pricing Policy


Pricing Policy

  • Online Price
    We offer a special price exclusively for online shoppers. Please note that the price here does not correspond with our boutique pricing and promotion.
  • Diamond Price Chart
    The pricing shown on the chart is an estimated value (cash purchase price). Please note that diamond price fluctuation may vary depending on the international market price.
  • Ring Price
    The value shown on this site is a price for women with a ring size not larger than size 52, and men size 58. A ring larger than the indicated size will have a surcharge depending on the increased quantity of precious materials needed to craft the ring. We will notify you in advance if such a case occurs.

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