Engagement Ring – 1992 Modern: This ring was first designed and crafted in the same year that the DER MOND brand was established. The ring was inspired by a popular design in the West at the time, though modified with more delicate curves and resized to better fit smaller Asian fingers. The tips of prongs have a diamond-shaped cut to reflect light in unity with the center diamond. The 1992 solitaire diamond ring comes in various band styles, whether it be the smooth knife edge band, diamond band, side diamonds band, or romantic band.

  • 18K Gold
  • 18K Rose Gold
  • 18K White Gold

฿ 38,000.00

Diamond Shape: Round
Type of Gold:

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Every diamond from DER MOND is “Triple excellent cut” and “Non fluorescense” with certification from GIA or HRD. In addition, we carefully select each diamond again in our DER MOND Lab to make you our clients get the best diamond.

  • Diamond Price (Round):
  • Setting Price: ฿ 22,000.00
  • Estimated Total Ring Price (Net Price):

*Prices shown are estimates. The premium diamonds and housings vary in size and shape. Der Mond is committed to providing the best diamonds to our customers.