Masterpiece Collection

DER MOND travels to unknown corners all over the world to source for the best gems. The collected gems are then sent to DER MOND LAB, a specialized laboratory run by gemologists from GIA and HRD for the quality control process before being sent to the production session. The quality of DER MOND creations is well known in the national and international levels. Last year, the brand reached another milestone when being the first Thai fine jewelry brand that launched itself in the Japanese market.

Absolute Deco Grand Bangle

One of the brand’s highlights that was selected to feature in Rolls-Royce’s Year Book 2014, the ABSOLUTE DECO collection is inspired by the ART Deco period, the Golden Age of diamond jewelry. With a twist, the collection offers contemporary pieces with a touch of luxury and elegance that truly reflects the wearer’s character.

DER MOND Deco Clutch

In this DER MOND creation, the crocodile leather clutch is decorated with precious diamonds that were carefully placed on pure gold using special techniques. The crocodile leather was selected for premium quality and crafted by skilled artisans.

Charming Fancy Masterpiece

DER MOND presents a classic collection of fancy jewelry pieces that combines supreme quality with contemporary designs. The modern creations look more alluring with polished gems and diamonds that will make the wearer stands out.

Glamour Night Clutch

Another masterpiece DER MOND proudly present, clutch of diamond and precious gold. It takes the dedicated artisan about 6 months to finish our clutch. Each clutch has different design so you can say there is only one in the world. Diamonds used through selection by DER MOND LAB is conscious and use modern technology to get the best quality diamond really. This Clutch decorated with a glittering inlaid peony diamonds and yellow gold.

Grandeur of Royal Blue Necklace

This collection reinterprets the beauty of the French garden through geometric-shaped diamonds, symbolizing forever beauty, placed gracely on bangles. The lines of diamonds and sapphires are carefully calculated to reach the best proportion, resulting in the balanced and simply designs with richdetails and advanced techniques.

Grand Diamond Engagement Ring

This classic and elegant collection presents bangles that not only reflect the wearer’s character but also make her shine with confidence. A variety of fancy-shaped diamonds are placed together to create the everlasting designs.