Who we are

DER MOND is a contemporary Thai-International jewelry brand under the banner of Dermond Anandara Co, Ltd. We serve Thai, Japanese and international customers with expertise in diamond and modern creativity of jewelry creations, aiming to create a new dimension of fine diamond jewelry.



DER MOND has built up its journey from knowledge transfer in family business. Founded in 1992 by a third-generation of Thai-Chinese jeweler and goldsmith as a single jewelry shop in the heart of Bangkok, DER MOND has been established its reputation as a trustworthy jewelry brand with high standard and its modernized classic designs. Owing to its fine selected diamond, original creation and professional craftsmanship, DER MOND has now become highly recognizable in its unique originality amongelite group of business women, celebrities and Thai royal family members.


The sustainability and vitality of the brand anchored in its ‘Diamond Design Devotion’ philosophy which has been in the place to promote passionate environment surrounding its business, people and culture.


Diamond represents our core principle in selecting the best diamond and gemstones to put in our jewelry. Each diamond must pass stringent quality tests by our DER MOND lab, even a diamond smaller than 0.01 carat.


Design stands for the ability to blend modernity with heritage in the design collection, and to design intentionally every detail for every personalized diamond and gemstone.


Devotion is a heart-felt commitment, in all honesty, to our customers for the best experience in service and satisfaction of jewelry. Our engraved DER MOND trademark can be found on every piece of our jewelry work, an assurance of the highest standard of quality and integrity.


DER MOND’s products contributed to its history, which is a legacy of masterful craftsmanship in gold and diamond jewelry. DER MOND jewelry set its roots in fine classic jewelry, evolving into collectable jewelry collection and exquisite masterpieces, such as the renowned Absolute Deco Collection or Firework Collection.From the four categories of Bridal, Classic, Collection and Masterpiece, our customers would experience the capability of reflecting modernity into classic design and the ability to response to every personalized requirements for jewelry lovers including detail setting, size, budget and sourcing-particular gemstones. Every piece of our jewelry creation is one of a kind that is timeless elegant and remaining real essence of luxury.

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